The 3 most common methods for you to market and sell your home are:

  • Hire a Full Commission Broker
  • For Sale By Owner
  • Flat Price Listing

Full Commission Broker - You hire an agent that advertises the property and completes the transaction

For Sale By Owner - You place a sign in your yard, advertises the property on public websites, such as Craigslist, and completes the transaction yourself

Flat Price Listing- You pay to have your home listed on the MLS and have the option to close the transaction yourself or be guided through the transaction by a professional Broker

The goal of any of these methods is to sell the property your home in the shortest time and for the maximum amount of profit.

Why is a Passport Realty Flat Price MLS Listings a better way to sell your home?

The main reason is that Passport Realty only SELLS real estate.

We specialize in helping OWNERS SELL their properties.

Our only focus is in managing the best system that will allow you to sell your home quickly and at the highest price.   

The most important benefit that a Passport Realty Flat Price MLS Listing provides is in lisitng your home on the Northeast Florida MLS (Multiple Listing Service).

The MLS is an internet service that is accessed daily by thousand of real estate agents searching for properties for their Buyers.  These agents are in constant contact with Buyers who have hired them to find properties with specific features.

Over 90% of all homes sold in the North Florida market are sold through the MLS.

Wasn't the goal to eliminate Real Estate Agents?  YES and NO! 

Remember, in a Full Commission Broker transaction you pay 2 broker fees.   One fee is to your Listing Agent that lists the property on the MLS and the other fee is to Buyers Agent that represents the Buyer.

These 2 agents split the standard 6% commission with each receiving a 3% payment.

Only 7% of houses sold in the Northeast Florida market are sold by the Listing Agent.

That means that 93% of the properties sold in Northeast Florida are sold by an agent other than who YOU hire!!

Since the main function of your Listing Agent is to place the property on the MLS, just finding a less expensive method to MLS LIST would save you 3% of the purchase price, 93% of the time.

The second benefit from a Passport Realty Flat Price Listing is that the MLS listing is the gateway to all the other major internet real estate sites. In addition to the MLS, your home will appear on sites such as Realty.com, Trulia and Zillow.

Realtor.com is most frequently visited property listing site in the world.  The only way for a property to be advertised on Realtor.com through an MLS listing.

In todays market, 86% of buyers start searching for a home online, before ever contacting a real estate agent. 

In many cases the function of the agents sign in your yard is to assure the Buyer that they are at the house they viewed on the internet ad. 

There have been many instances where a Buyer views an internet ad and makes an offer on your property without contacting a Buyers Agent.  In this case, you would not have to pay the Buyers Agent commission.

The entire cost of advertising and selling the property would be the $299 Listing Fee!!




Professional Produced Photography

Up to 32 photos taken of your home by a professional photographer utilizing the latest in digital photography equipment

 Listing Term 12 Months

Your home will stay listed on the MLS for up to 12 months or until you sell or cancel the listing 

Additional Realty Sites

Your home will be listed on Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia and many more for the entire time it is on the MLS 

Comparable Market Analysis

A detailed report showing a comparison of your property to other similar properties sold in your area to be used to determine the best asking price for your property

Professional Written Advertisement Verbiage

Advertisement verbiage composed to highlight the best features of your home 

Professional Lawn Sign

A professional printed Color Lawn Sign and stand will be provided with your contact phone number and MLS Ad Number listed 

 Printable Color Information Sheet

A full color flyer with pictures will be produced for you to have copied to provide additional information to prospective buyers

Contracts, Addendums & Disclosures

Standard North East Florida Association of Realtors (NEFAR) documents will be provided for you to use to complete the sales transaction

Title Agency Referral

You will be given preferential treatment with an industry leading Agency


Buyer Lead Forwarding

Calls for information received by our staff will forwarded directly to you 




The documents provided are standard NEFAR documents that have been professionally vetted thousands of times.  You can download and complete the following documents:

Property Data For The MLS Listing 

Limited Service Listing Agreement

No Brokerage Relationship Disclosure

Purchase and Sale Agreement  - “As Is” Sale and Residential Retail Sale

Lock Box Addendum

Condominium Addendum

Homeowners Association Addendum

Sellers Disclosure Statement

Vacant Land Contract

Lead Based Paint Disclosure