A Buyer wants to purchase my property.  Now what do I do?

This is a common question asked by many Sellers

The answer to the question is complicated by the fact that to are 2 distinct phases to selling a property.

The first phase deals with the method to use to attract a Buyer to your property

The use of a Passport Realty Flat Price MLS Lisitng is by far the most effective method you can use.  It will produce the most Buyers for the least amount of cost and time

Regardless of whether the Buyer has hired a real estate agent, is conducting internet searches or is driving past your property, the Buyer will identify your property as a potential candidate for purchase.

                         FULL REPRESENTAION OPTION


The second phase is completion of the transaction once a Buyer is found.

You might think that the job of the Listing Agent you hire is to sell your home.

The realty is that the Listing Agent brings you a buyer only 7% of the time.  93% of the time, a Buyer is brought to you by a Buyers Agent who sees the listing on the MLS.

Even if your Listing Agent brings you a Buyer, you still pay the full 6% commission.  The only difference is that the Listing Agent gets to keep it all.

A Listing Agent you hire will perform 2 basic tasks.

They will list your property on the MLS and they will complete the transaction paperwork for you.

In return, you will pay them 3% of the selling price.   

For the average NE Florida sale, that 3% will cost you $7500.

The Brokers at Passport Realty will perform the same services as the Full Commission Broker and charge only 1% of the sales price.  This will save you an average of $5000!!!

$5000 to put in your pocket!  $5000 that you can use to reduce the price of your home for a faster sale!  $5000 to put toward the new home purchase!

The FULL REPRESENTAION OPTION will provide the following:

- Unlimited consultation on the best approach to selling your home

- Unlimited consultation on any aspect of the transaction process

- Review or Preparation of the Purchase and Sale Agreement

- Negotiating the terms of the Purchase and Sale Agreement

- Negotiating a counter offer to any contract presented

- Interfacing with the Title Agency to prepare the closing documents

- Consulting during any Home Inspection and negotiating the terms of the requested repairs

- Consulting during the Appraisal and providing documentation to support the sales price

- Attending the closing