When you Register to Advertise Property on the PassportRealty.com service you are required to agree to these policies, terms and conditions of participation that are designed to provide all participants in the PassportRealty.com service with the optimum experience. To insure that this experience continues to be both pleasant as well as commercially beneficial there are some basic concepts that we do stricly require adherence to.


The PassportRealty.com service is provided by Passport Realty, Inc. and your decision to utilize this service signifies your understanding and acceptance that any and all issues that arise out of your usage of the service are to be addressed to PassportRealty.com solely. The continued usage of the service by yourself constitutes explicit acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, as they may change from time to time, and it is your responsibility, freely accepted, to maintain continuing awareness of changes to these Terms and Conditions as they are posted from time to time by PassportRealty.com. Failure to notify you of changes to these Terms and Conditions by PassportRealty.com is not grounds for any claim that such failure caused damage or harm to users of the service.

Fair & Honest

PassportRealty.com will endeavor at all times to maintain a fair, honest, and open marketplace for Buyers and Sellers to exchange information. It is the explicit responsibility of each Buyer to ascertain the integrity of a Seller and to be aware that there is the potential for Sellers to fail to honestly and accurately disclose important information about their property. PassportRealty.com makes no claim as to the integrity or dependibility of any Seller that uses the PassportRealty.com service and will deny any claim by any Buyer or Seller that arises out of usage of the PassportRealty.com service. In the event of Fradulent or Illegal activities PassportRealty.com will, upon notification, temporarily or permanently suspend the Advertising priviledges of all parties involved. Usage of the PassportRealty.com service is a priviledge, not a right, and it is the sole discretion of PassportRealty.com to determine who may utilize the PassportRealty.com service.

Comply with Policies and Terms

Failure to comply with the Policies and Terms and Conditions set forth may result in disciplinary action including the potential to have specific advertisements removed from the PassportRealty.com system. The use of the PassportRealty, PassportRealtyRealty.com, and PassportRealty.com service is granted and such priviledges may be removed at any time without the requirement that refunds be made, however, it is the general policy of PassportRealty.com to make refunds for any fees incurred when a specific advertisement is delisted.

Links Outside the PassportRealty.com Advertising System

PassportRealty.com permits embeded links that takes potential buyers to other commercial websites where additional information is available or where other products and services are offered for sale. Passport Realty, Inc. also provides fields on each Advertising page that may be used to create a link from the Advertising page to a commercial website operated by the Seller. Sellers may use the Website Link field to link to websites outside of the PassportRealty.com Advertising system, or they may use links embedded into the HTML in their description of their property being advertised.

Changes to the Policies and Terms

These Policies and Terms will be updated from time to time and it is the responsibility of Sellers to keep up to date with the current set of Policies and Terms.

Get an Attorney or a REALTOR?
Buying or selling real estate is a complex process and it is very easy to mistakenly enter into contractual obligations that later turn out to be ill advised. You are hereby explicitly encouraged to obtain the direct advice and involvement of an attorney or a licensed real estate agent before signing any contract to buy or sell real estate.

Advertising Service Limitation

The PassportRealty.com website is an advertising service and is not to be considered as making specific offers to sell properties. Only the owners of properties and their licensed real estate agents, employees, or other agents can make such an offer. PassportRealty.com provides information about properties and does not guarantee the accuracy of any information contained in any advertisement. You are urged to exercise a high level of caution and to verify all information contained on PassportRealty.com with other independent and reliable sources before making any decision to purchase property advertised herein.

Seller Obligations

Seller agrees to notify broker within 24 hours after their contract is pending. Seller agrees to notify broker within 24 hours once their property is sold. Seller agrees to include real estate agent’s name and identification number if appropriate and the actual selling price.