What is FSBO?

FSBO is shorthand for “For Sale By Owner.” The term is used to identify property, usually homes, which are sold by the owner with or without help from a real estate agent. Typically, owners advertise their properties by means of websites, classified ads, word of mouth, and other means.


The Internet is how real estate is sold today

According to the National Association of Realtors, over 90% of all home buyers now use the Internet to search for homes and 92% go to Realtor.com. If your house isn’t on the Internet, it should be.

PassportRealty.com helps make selling a home FSBO easy. We are becoming one of the most recognized FSBO sites in the nation. Additionally, PassportRealty.com is on its way to saving consumers over $1,000,000,000.00 (billions) in commissions! Give us a try and click on the following link sell my home, and we can help you save money too!

Less stress

One of the major advantages of selling a home for sale by owner is that you can set your schedule. You know when potential buyers will be coming to check out the place, and can allot time to prepare accordingly. There is no need to leave your own home every time an agent wants to show it. You no longer have to make sure the house looks in “show condition” at all times. Even better, when a prospective buyer makes an offer, there is no back-and-forth between agents. An agreement can usually be reached quickly and easily between the FSBO seller and the buyer.

You’re the ideal agent

Who knows your home better then you? When showcasing your house to a prospective buyer, you know what the highlights are, whether it’s the perfectly finished basement or the beautiful landscaping in the backyard. You also know what needs to be downplayed much more than an agent who is not so familiar with the place. Remember, a well maintained, fairly priced home will virtually sell itself. It’s your job to provide the additional information.

You’re in charge

Selling FSBO means there is no agent telling you what to do. You’re in control of all major decisions, including where and how to advertise, scheduling showings at your convenience, and even taking your home off the market for a time if necessary. Most importantly, you can deal with potential buyers yourself. There is none of the frustration that can result when a seller feels that the agent is “not doing enough.” And you aren’t obligated to a three, six, or 12-month contract—you make the rules!

Why pay commission?

There’s no way around it: whenever you work with an agent they get a cut of your profits. Calculate 5-6% of what you think your property is worth. With PassportRealty.com that commission gets cut in half (2-3%). The bottom line is Realtors usually have Buyers and they have them Now. With PassportRealty.com you have the Best of Both Worlds: you can sell it yourself or a Realtor can sell it and help you sell it faster.

Save time

When you decide to list your home with PassportRealty.com chances are you will see what other homes are selling for and price yours accordingly. Remember Realtors still sell over 70% of all homes. Remember PassportRealty.com just cut the commission in half and you can either pocket that money or sell your home more quickly by lowering the price by the commission you are saving. The only reason a house does not sell is because it is overpriced; Price it right from the beginning.

Unlimited access to our consulting line

PassportRealty.com will provide its FSBO sellers with access to our staff of real estate professionals who can answer your questions, in person. Ask them anything about the process of selling a home yourself. They are licensed real estate agents with years of experience. Not sure on what to do next? Have a question about paperwork, closings, title insurance? There’s no need to worry with access to our consulting line.

You have great access to out-of-town buyers!

PassportRealty.com has over ten million users from around the county looking for homes for sale. This gives you tremendous nationwide exposure that you don’t normally get on a local level.

Less uncertainty

Because you meet the prospective buyers, you have a much better idea how interested people are, what they like about the home, how serious they are about buying and what their time frame and situation is. The direct feedback is easier to live with than wondering how things are going, or worse, why no one has made an offer yet.

It’s easy!

“If you can sell your own car, you can sell your own home. It’s that simple” said one of our home sellers. And he’s right, once you find a buyer, the hard part is over. If you want someone to guide you and the buyer through the process, then maybe our consulting Line will come in handy. Our FSBO consulting line will provide you with access to our staff of real estate professionals who can answer your questions, in person.


PassportRealty.com is the official website for “FSBO” home selling, as seen in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA TODAY, CNBC, CNN, NBC, ABC, SmartMoney Magazine, Forbes, Newsweek, The LA Times and more!

We are on our way to helping hundreds of thousands of people sell their homes by themselves, quickly and for the highest price without paying a commission! We are the largest For Sale By Owner company in the world and millions of people visit our website to search for homes. One of those buyers may be looking for a home just like yours!

In fact, 86% of our FSBO customers sell their home within the first five months of posting an ad on PassportRealty.com.

That’s how we are becoming the largest “For Sale By Owner” website in the world. We are becoming one of the most visited real estate sites in the U.S.

The Internet is how real estate is sold today

According to the National Association of Realtors, over 77% of all home buyers now use the Internet to search for homes and 92% go to Realtor.com. If your house isn’t on the Internet, it should be.

PassportRealty.com gives you the following:

  1. the country’s largest “FSBO” website. (Over 10 million people view our
  2. website to search for homes.)
  3. free tools to help you price your home
  4. professional assistance pre-approving your buyers
  5. professionally designed yard and directional signs
  6. professional Internet listing with six color photos
  7. free neighborhood demographics
  8. access to a For Sale By Owner consultant

Proven performance record

Since 2003, we have helped sell hundreds of thousands of homes across America worth over billions of dollars saving home sellers over millions in commissions that would have otherwise gone to brokers charging 6%.

That’s how we became the largest “FSBO” website in the world. And we didn’t become the biggest without providing good service and saving clients millions of dollars year in and year out. That’s money they get to keep; not some real estate agent charging a 6% commission.

Don’t just take our word for it, visit the testimonial page where actual FSBO sellers comment on their experience selling with PassportRealty.com. Their comments were made to an independent monitoring firm, and were not solicited by us.

Unparalleled exposure

When you put your house on the PassportRealty.com website you’ll be exposing it to millions of buyers both locally and across the U.S.

PassportRealty.com gets millions of visitors. We get more buyers than anyone else because we spend millions of dollars a year on marketing and advertising that drives tens of thousands of buyers to our site everyday. For example, when someone types into a search engine (like Google) “for sale by owner” or “FSBO”, the PassportRealty.com name appears at the top the results list. Buyers click right to our site and your home.

We also spend millions of dollars a year on more traditional types of advertising such as television, radio, newspaper and direct mail. Importantly, we are supported by a network of “PassportRealty.com” magazines that appear in major markets across the country, with millions of readers a month.

PassportRealty.com can also increase your exposure locally by providing you with their professionally designed “high impact” lawn and directional signs. They tell all passers-by that your home is for sale and featured on the PassportRealty.com web site. Because of these marketing programs, buyers know that the PassportRealty.com web site is a place they can go to find thousands of homes that are “for sale.”

PassportRealty.com gives your home unparalleled exposure.

Act now, and start selling your home on the largest For Sale By Owner site (with up to six color home photos and a 2,500 character house description – try buying that in a newspaper ad). Sell your home for sale by owner and market your home to millions of home buyers that might be looking to buy a home just like yours.

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